Inclusive Cities and Companies seminar

28. 11. 2019, 09:00
Zrkadlová sieň, Primaciálny palác, Bratislava
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The event, organized by the Pontis Foundation in cooperation with the Bratislava Metropolitan Institute, was intended exclusively for members of the Business Leaders Forum and signatories of the Slovak Diversity Charter. Interesting information, examples of good practice, inspiring stories, recommendations for cities and companies.

Diversity represents all visible and invisible aspects that make people different and at the same time similar – for example, gender, race, age, sexual orientation or disability. Whatever makes us special, brings new ideas, innovation and positive change. Can diversity be an advantage for cities and companies? What benefits does cultural diversity bring? How can cities and companies use diversity to their advantage?

The Inclusive Cities and Companies seminar was opened by Andrej Juriga, who gave an introduction to the issue of cultural diversity and international communication.

In the second part, we looked together at “best practices” from the signatories of the Diversity Charter: the companies Johnson Controls International, Plzeňský Prazdroj Slovakia. Santiago Mendez from Lenovo told a personal story. Diversity Pro chairman Marek Novotný also debated the Pink Economy in the panel.

Part of the event was the ceremonial signing of the Diversity Charter by new signatories.